Looking The Best Information On Naples Marketing Firms

Almost everyone enjoys pizza. It can be tasty and full of flavor and with the right toppings, it can also be satisfying and nutritious. It is a misconception that pizza originated in Italy, but it actually originated in Egypt, and in ancient Greece, where flatbread was seasoned with herbs and baked on hot stones.

In the early 16th Century, the Italian version of pizza was created when tomatoes were crushed and spread over foccacia and then sprinkled with available spices and herbs. Mozzarella cheese made from the milk of water buffalo that was brought from India was added to the tomato bread soon after. The tasty treat was quickly adopted in the underprivileged city of Naples, because it was filling and inexpensive. This has contributed to the city becoming mistakenly recognized as the birthplace of Pizza.

Pizza is recognized all over the world, and trying to find the best pizzeria can be an enjoyable, and satisfying task. In the US alone, according to the latest reports, there are more than more than 100,000 pizza outlets, and major chains continue to dominate the market, while independent Mom and Pop outlets are still being established. Almost 10 % of all the restaurants in the country are pizza restaurants.

With that many choices, it may be difficult to find the best pizzeria, but a lot actually depends on the region in which you live. There will most likely be nuances in lifestyle, speech, dress and customs that are particular to specific regions. Restaurant review firm Zagat which is owned by Google has recently completed a Pizza survey that shows that Americans consumed Pizza at least once a week. The favourite is the New York style thin-crust pizza that is topped with pepperoni. For whatever reasons, pizza costs more in the West, while cheaper slices can be bought in the Nort-East.

If you are looking for the best pizzeria, searching in Google will return a list that contains an excess of 30 pages of pizzerias in your region. However the pizzeria that occupies the top spot, may not necessarily be the best pizzeria in the area. It is a bit ironic, that the pizzeria that occupies the top spot in the listings, may actually be the worst outlet in your area. You will need to rely on others sources.

Word-of-mouth, or recommendations by peers, is still the most trusted form of recommendation, and the next step is to ask for your recommendations from friends and family. You can easily garner recommendations from the social networks and your Facebook friends. There are review sites such as Yelp, Chowhound and Urban spoon, where users are encouraged to leave reviews of popular restaurants that they have recently visited.

Looking through the review sites will provide a good indication of the quality of the food that is served along with the quality of service. Some people will indicate preferences for certain types of pizza, along with and menu choices, and prices. You have easy access to information that allows you to compare features that include location and ambiance, and any other characteristic that can help to you enjoy a fine pizza meal.

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