Sports Magazines For The Sports Enthusiasts

Sports journalism in dedicated sports magazines offers reports on events like competitions and tournaments and related sports news. There are many sports magazines that have been mocked and called “toy magazines” for showing no concern for the ‘serious’ topics covered by various news desks. Today, sports coverage has grown in importance, just as the different sports themselves have grown in wealth and influence and a lot of subsequent power and recognition.

Sports journalism in sports magazines is an essential component of the news media organization. Sports journalism in sports magazines includes a sports department that is devoted solely to diligent sports reporting. Some of the world renowned magazines dedicated to sports are Sports Illustrated and Sports Round Up.

The reporters of various sports magazines have a tough time with sports teams from around the world. While some are not always very accommodating with sports journalists, others are known to allow sports reporters into locker rooms for interviews and some extra information. There are also sports teams that provide extensive information support, even if the reporting proves unfavorable to them. There are certain countries where sports coverage is often barely tolerated by the clubs and players.

Sports journalists who work for the various sports magazines are like any other reporters. They too have to find the story rather than simply rely on information that is generated by the sports teams or institution or the dedicated coaching staff. The reporters on sporting events are expected to first and foremost be conversant with the particular game they are covering and the nuances involved. Sports journalists have to verify facts given to them by the teams and organizations they are covering, before getting the content into the sports magazines.

Often, the coaches of the different games and teams and players and even the sports organization management rescind the access credentials of the reporters covering a particular controversy or sporting event. This is done entirely in retaliation for printing accurate, but disparaging information about a team, player, coach or the organization in question.

Today, sports reporters cover extensively sports journalism for professional and intercollegiate sports such as American football, ice hockey, basketball, baseball and football. The sports magazines are segregated to either cater to the target ‘reader’ group for a particular sport or into sections within that cover different sports and offer better coverage to the sports enthusiasts. The sports magazines are headed by a team of professionals either from the games themselves or avid enthusiasts from around the world, who have followed the games religiously.

Sports magazines all over the world have now become a part of the integrated world online. The online sports magazines are increasing in popularity due to the private and comfortable access to live news and reviews possible because of the internet technology. There are many sports magazines that cater to both, the online and virtual segments successfully.

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The Basics Of Marketing Strategies

I would like to go though some of the basic stock trading strategies that have been proven to work for myself and many other investors. Most investors don’t have the capital to buy hundreds of stocks the way a mutual fund does. Therefore steps must be taken to minimize your risk and maximize your profit.

The first thing you must do is master your emotions! It is easier said than done. When you are thinking with a calm and rational mind you will make better trading decisions. It took me a while and several thousand dollars to learn this. Secondly, you must diversify what types of stocks you own in your portfolio. I don’t only mean the number of stocks, but diversifying the sectors you hold. Buying ten different solar stocks is not being diversified. Depending on your capital, it is generally accepted to have at least 10 different stocks in your portfolio.

Buy stocks that you know! This is especially true when you are starting out. The first stocks I purchase many years ago were Chrysler (when it was a good stock) and Mcdonalds. I bought both of these quality companies when they were going though some trouble of some sort. One of my best stock buys ever was Waste Management, they were going though some scrutiny by the government at the time that drove the stock price way down. We are not going to stop making garbage, so I figured correctly that the company was going to be fine in several years. And it was.

Another basic stock trading strategy is to know when to admit that you are wrong. This was very hard for me to do as I am a perfectionist. But it is a crucial lesson. If you keep holding a stock as it continues to go down and down, you may end up losing a substantial some of money. A basic principal is to cut your losses short and let your profits run.

Know when to sell a stock! This is a crucial point. Most everyone focuses on when to buy, but not when to exit a position. When you have a stock which is showing a good profit, make sure to place some stops below the current price. This is in case some big news comes out on your stock and you may lose all you profit. The exact placement of the stop depends somewhat on the price be it a $75 stock or a $25 stock. But it should be placed out of the range of the normal daily volatility in a stock. By that I mean for a $75 dollar stock, a good stop may be in the $68-70 range.

A final basic trading strategy would be to sell a portion (maybe half) of your holdings in a stock that you have a good profit in. That way you can lock in some profit. With proper money management and controlling your emotions, it is very possible to have good consistent profits in the stock market even if you are correct 50% of the time.

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Men Fashion Tips And Ideas

Dressing right for the first date is not only a lady’s thing. A man also needs to think about what is desirable and ideas that can be a complete turn off. Therefore, before you put the jeans and t-shirt or shinny suit, you need to think about mens fashion tips. First, be unique. Women like guys who can make a statement without trying too much. Some of the best add ons to make you standout include the watch, chain, belt or the shoes. Find out what your best point is in all of this and make it stand out. It does not have to be a very informal or very formal look. The main thing is to feel comfortable without appearing like you are overdoing it.

For the outfit, a pair of jeans and a designer shirt or t-shirt is good enough with the right accessories; a watch and chain. They make a statement about who you are and put you on a higher pedestal. However, this look can only work for informal events like concerts and the cinema. Do not be tempted to unbutton the first few buttons on your shirt. It is a turn off. If you want to put on something trendy that goes with the current craze, make sure it fits your personality and the impression you want to make in that lady’s mind. T-shirts that hug your chest tightly may look good for a night with the boys, but they may not be the best option when on the first date. Just like it is for women and cleavage, unless you want her drooling at your six pack and forget to locate your face, a loose fitting shirt is better. You can include a blazer to go with the casual look but make sure the hues collaborate.

If you are taking the lady out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, a suit will do. Look for the darker colors, such as black. You can do with or without a tie but in most cases it depends with the location because some venues have dress codes. Look for a shirt that works with the suit. You can go for a light color that will complement the dark suit. The shoes in any event should be in the darker colors. For instance, brown or black shoes go well in formal and informal occasions. However, leather shoes do not match with jeans. You need sport shoes or loafers for that. Creases, no matter know minuscule they are, they say a lot about your character. It is as if they are saying you do not care about your look. She might forgive you this first time but she will remember the creases on your clothes for as long as she lives. In addition, mens fashion tips extend to the hygiene so everything should be spotless. Your clothes, shoes and the body should be clean. Have a clean shaven face and splash some after shave.

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The Benefits Of Mental Health Counseling

Both for counselors and clients involved in mental support, increased levels of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual stress can make challenges worse. It is fairly common knowledge that anxiety, panic, fear, anger/rage, loss of focus, PTSD, chemical dependency and other forms of addiction, and compulsive behaviors are either created, or made worse, as a response to stress. I believe that depression or depressive episodes are often the back side of anxiety (and over stimulation.) With the physiologic response to stressors/anxieties at least partially shutting down the higher function of the decision making neo-cortex, stress can lead to poor problem solving, reduced abilities to communicate, and increased psycho-pathologies.

If you can see the role stress plays in relationship to increased mental health challenges, then the contrary, the practice of stress management, can lead to reduced demonstrations of symptoms. Forms of stress management, biofeedback, “desensitization,” “mindfulness,” and other anxiety reducing practices (like yoga, meditation, diet, exercise, etc) can prove very therapeutic in helping to control the causes of anxiety/stress related symptoms. Beyond symptom control, for the motivated client, I feel that using these techniques until mastered and then regularly, and preventively, can benefit a person by “empowering” them with body awareness, present living mindfulness, and new skills to control stressed out physiologies.

Empowerment of the individual is the key! Self-awareness and then self-control (of habitually held stress) enables a person to feel better in control of available time and energy and better able to self-minimize, if not eliminate, psychological symptoms and emotional/spiritual pain & conflict. Spending time in a “positive” way, in the present moment, leads to reduced fear and anxiety. This new self-control can often lead to reduced needs for psycho-active medications, alcohol, or street drugs.

Stress management, biofeedback, other behavioral techniques, and other stress reducing practices are not difficult to learn, but finding the time and motivation to use these effective techniques often requires support and counsel.

For therapists, counselors, teachers, and concerned family members, these same techniques are essential in minimizing the potential for “burn-out,” “over-load,” and reduction in the ability to care for your client, student, or family member. To be a positive role model by regularly practicing stress management, seems an obvious self-care strategy that serves all parties in therapeutic relationships.

I may be “preaching to the choir” but even the obvious needs to be restated. Basic stress management is a necessary element to psycho-therapy. The extra element of simple biofeedback practices is a beneficial feature offering personal awareness that leads to better levels of self-control.

Since 1978, the Stress Education Center has offered coaching, training and products for stress management.

L. John Mason, Ph.D. is the country’s leading stress management expert and the author of the best selling “Guide to Stress Reduction.” Since 1977, he has offered Success & Executive Coaching and Training.

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How To Manage Technology Projects

As your business grows, you will likely find more ways to use technology to increase production (and hopefully, profits). Making the decision to enhance your technology environment in order to achieve your business objectives is a necessary milestone, but it is equally important to identify the scope and budget of your project before jumping into implementation.

This article explains a phased approach that will help you maximize your budget and provide the greatest results when considering a technology enhancement.

Phase I – Business Need

This initial phase is designed to help you determine if you have answered the “why” questions as it relates to your objectives. You should be able to clearly identify the business benefit (return on investment) for your potential project after completing this phase. Here are the steps that will guide you through this phase:

1. What is the problem/deficiency that needs your investment in time and money to be solved?

2. Does your business challenge absolutely require new or enhanced technology?

a. Do your employees require additional training with existing systems?

b. Can the challenge be solved by changing the workflow or business practices?

3. Once the problem is clearly defined and the solution points to technology improvements, a preliminary budget can be established.

Phase II – Budget & Scope

In Phase I we qualified our potential solution within the realm of technology and now we need to define the scope of the solution. Without defining scope, you will run the risk of your project growing out of control in both time and money. This is the phase where you should spend the time to clearly document the business requirements or “what” will be implemented.

1. Bring all the necessary players together to discuss the objectives of the project.

2. Determine how the problem that was identified in Phase I affects all key players.

3. Discuss how the problem can be solved with technology and be specific as it relates to your current business practices and workflows.

4. Document your findings and discussions.

5. Once the solution has been identified, you can present your documents to your preferred vendor(s) and obtain proposals or quotes.

Phase III – Pilot

Implementing any technology project can be challenging in that technology itself changes so quickly and your employees may have different expectations with the solution. A pilot phase is very effective to “test” the solution and confirm all expectations are met.

1. Once your vendor has been identified, you can request a pilot or trial solution be put into place for limited use to test results.

2. After the pilot solution is implemented, be sure to measure the effectiveness and verify that the problems in phase I are being solved.

Phase IV – Implementation

So now you have confirmed that the pilot is solving some or all the problems identified in phase I, now you are ready to rollout the full solution. It is very important to closely manage your vendor and be sure they are delivering what they promised within their proposal.

1. Create a project plan that consists of key milestones for the implementation of your solution.

A sample plan is shown below:

* Project Kick-off

* Budget review

* Set timelines for remainder of project

* Determine training requirements

* Technology install/enhancement

* Document the changes in your existing workflow

* Create a forum for employees to provide feedback during this process

* Develop a suite of tests that verifies the newly installed technology does not break any existing processes.

* Develop a suite of tests that verifies the newly installed technology meet the expectation of the proposed solution.

* Insure your timelines are being met and budget is not growing.

* Implementation complete

* Begin training

2. After the solution has been installed, consolidate all the documents and training materials in one repository for quick reference.

Phase V – Project Review & Closure

Now that the technology solution has been successfully implemented and everyone has been trained, you will need to setup measures to ensure that the solution is effective.

1. Create an anonymous survey for employees to provide feedback.

a. Survey questions should include: overall project success, training materials and responsibility impact.

2. Develop metrics that can measure the profit and/or efficiency that was achieved as a result of this project. This will help you identify the true return on investment.

3. Continue to refine training.

This phased approach for managing a technology project is meant to be a guide. There are many details within each phase that would be too lengthy to describe here. There are also many books that can assist with successfully managing any type of project, not only technology. Here is a website that is a great reference for project management.

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